La TribOo

The year is 2011 and the streets of Santiago de Chile shout fiercely for social changes. Students are angry demanding a pluralistic and high quality education. Hydroelectrics power plants are destroying an important part of the natural environment of the country and gradually, several causes of corruption appear among Chilean authorities.

It's in this context where this band join each other. Pablo Roots (vocals and guitars), Maite Rojas (drums) and Miguel Ávalos (bass guitar) decide to form a band to contribute on this discussion through the music. To speak up and give a strong message of unity and equality. The first chords began to sound and the first songs were already taking shape when Ignacio Rodríguez Vanner (guitars and choirs) appears.

From the beginning, this project was always ambitious. Although it started with seven musicians on stage, soon this evolved into a formation that brought a first identity to the band. With the addition of Diego Rogers (keyboards), Fernando Vera (vocals), Daniela Ortúzar, Valentina Marinkovic and Natalia Elphick (choirs), the circle was complete. The band then starts the mission of recording their debut album in 2014, but it's not until October 2015 when "Canto a la Tierra" ("Sing to the Earth") is finally came out.

With 10 songs, this album summarizes the history of the band. It's a compilation of styles and experimentation with a base of Afro-Latin rhythms. The influence of Reggae and Funk are evident throughout this work although without committing to any of them definitely. The constant back and forth between different styles has given to La TribOo an unique identity.

Nowadays, the band is in the process of promoting "Canto a la Tierra", while they're already working in new sounds and styles for a second album. Unnamed yet but with songs that remains the same spirit and message of an increasing social disconformity.

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