Dueñas de Casa

We started playing as a trio in mid-2012, with Tomás Usón, Tomás Gutiérrez and Francisco Lira. In 2013 Martín de la Fuente joined the band, forming a quartet with which we started writing our first songs. In September we recorded our first live demo and in October 2014 a second one. After that, Tomás Usón left the band to settle in Germany. Later that year we play our first show on a plot in Colina, with Tomás Gutiérrez on bass, guitar and vocals, Martín de la Fuente on guitar, bass and vocals and Francisco Lira on drums.

2015 was dedicated to record our first EP, which was recorded by Enrique Brante in Difusora Sonora. The album, which consists of five songs, moves between rock, psychedelia and punk, and shows different shades that reflect the stylistic diversity of the band.

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