Disfónico is a band formed back in 2005 by Eder Gárate, and which main purpose was to play Grunge music. Nowadays, Disfónico is in constant transformation and evolution, always looking for sounds representing different states of mind.

In 2009, Johnny Espina joined Disfónico, meaning a mayor change in the band’s drum style. Later, in 2010, the band released their first studio album, called “Murió el Sol”, which contain 10 original songs. Unfortunately, two years later, the band split up, due to time issues related with advanced courses of some members. However, in 2014, the band started playing music again, with greater force and energy and a new group composition, with Alain Saldaño rejoining Disfónico at the bass guitar and Camilo Díaz as the multi-instrumentalist, giving a new, distinctive and unique sound to the band.

Disfónico is currenty working on its second LP, which is expected to be released soon.

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