Evelyn Fuentes

Almost incidentally, Evelyn started her career as a musician. First as a professional dancer, Evelyn Fuentes expanded her artistic curiosity to music as an invitation to be part of the band CHRISTIANES came. Evelyn was the voice of CHRISTIANES from 1989 up to its end at the beginning of the 21st Century. CHRISTIANES was a hit, especially with its more popular song “Mírame solo una vez” which was played galore especially in the mid-nineties, and the song even appeared in soap-opera’s soundtracks. Their music was a rare combination of elegant pop, noisy and crunchy guitars, and fancy arrangements. On top of that, Evelyn’s voice sounded cherubic and heavenly.

After that, Evelyn returned to her first passion, dancing, and travelled to different countries performing. Years passed, and her love for music took place again. Some melodies and lyrics were taking form during years, and were the raw material for her first solo album “Sin Culpa”, a very intimate recording, just with an acoustic guitar and a viola de Gamba, so Evelyn ‘s voice plays a milestone role in this album.

Currently, Evelyn is giving life to new songs with a new approach: having more sounds, some feedback here and there, and more instruments playing. It will be an opportunity to unveil a new musical mystery.

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