Minima Discos

Today, the music scene suffers the limitations of a market in decadence, a high degree of misinformation and lack of interest in the public, record labels and the press. This vicious circle causes the progressive shut down of the musical circuit and lowers the quality of the music that most people can reach.

Because of these reasons, the colaborative and collective work of small independent labels, is once again the best way to break through and overcome this obstacles. Adding forces, ideas, new channels of diffusion, and common projects, Minima Discos appears.

With the independence in our skin, Minima becomes a small production label, based in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Current projects are the release of compilations of several emerging artists, and the organization of gigs and events, by ourselves and together with other friend labels. In 2015, Minima released records of bands Fotos del Otoño, Principiantes, Palmer and Excursionistas.

Where can I find them?
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