CerebralAudio Netlabel

CerebralAudio Netlabel was founded in August of 2015 due to the owner's dissatisfaction with the available distribution platforms.

CerebralAudio is dedicated to the ideal that all audio works are important. We firmly believe that technology has shattered the barriers to an important part of our culture and society. We also believe that it is time to use this technology in new ways:

* Making your work available to a wider audience is the most important thing any artist can do.

* We believe that you have the right to chose how you are compensated for your work, if you want an alternative currency such as BitCoin or LiteCoin, it is your choice. (Compensation is not limited to currency, it might take some other form.)

* We believe you have the right to choose if you don’t want to be compensated.

* We believe in empowering listeners and giving them a real choice. They don’t have to come to an independent label for their music, audiobooks, or other audio works. We want people to *want* to come to CerebralAudio by their own choice.

Where can I find them?
Web / Facebook / Twitter / HeartThis.at / Soundcloud / YouTube