Pilot Eleven - Special Podcast #6

Special podcast #6 features tracks previously released by labels taking part in Netlabel Day (July 14, 2015).


1. Cashus - Alone (Meiousei Records)
2. adcBicycle - Walk Along The Wire (Southern City's Lab)
3. The Secret Sounds - My LovE (Mars Melons)
4. Captive Portal - Internally Grateful (feat. Josh Büche & Jonee Whatley) (Mahorka)
5. Heirs to the McQueen Fortune - New Year Love (Sleeping Brothers Records)
6. GOMEZ - La sonoridad que te alcanzó (Sulky netlabel)

Cover CC license CC BY 2.0
by Beverly Goodwin https://flic.kr/p/fiUtJQ

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