Pilot Eleven - Special Podcast #5

Special podcast #5 features tracks previously released by labels taking part in Netlabel Day (July 14, 2015).


1. Janes scenic drive - An Ending (Is A Beginning) (BFW recordings)
2. Lee Rosevere - Into the Fog (Happy Puppy Records)
3. Francesco Lenzi - Unconventional Lovesong (Sucu Music)
4. Coppice Halifax - Variation 657 (Temiong Recordings)
5. Lost Trail - Song For Our Star-Crossed Lamentations (Subterranean Tide)
6. Wolkenwanderung - _nyquist (Futuredraht)
7. Gaetano Fontanazza - Woods in Pink (Sucu Music)
8. Janes scenic drive - Solace (BFW recordings)

Cover CC license CC BY 2.0
by James Cridland https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/7494073612/in/photolist-acsXZq-cqe5ZJ-5gyCQv

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