Rey Mono

Rey Mono rises from the ashes of El Gran Carajo (former band), when Martin Cantolla and Tomás Mosqueira decide to keep on creating sounds, this time with the purpose of making more agressive music. One lucky night they meet Diego Pérez, who showed interest in playing music together and starting a band. After a trip to the beach and a lot of rehearsals, the first ideas of what Rey Mono would become start showing up.

"Kamehamejajaja" is the consequence of almost one year of rehearsals and recordings, turning to be an album that is essentially rock, but plays with punk, psychedelia and improvisation/experimentation. At the moment (april 2015), Rey Mono exists in a new arrangement, given that Martin Cantolla has departed to far-off lands. The band has restructured in a new manner and their longtime friend Gonzalo Allendes has joined on keyboards to keep Rey Mono alive.

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