Nebis Nak

Nebis Nak is a band that fuses elements of popular music and rock with Chilean folklore. Born as a dream in 2009 in Santiago with a first formation which was established in 2012 with the current members.

With different influences as heavy rock, funk, jazz and folklore, five musicians begun a musical adventure that brings together individual experiences and put them at the service of a common artistic project, and not just any project but one that also incorporates visual and playful elements through characters that comes to life every time the lights go on and the music is heard.

Lucho Lemus, el Osoazuloso; Javiera la GatoAmarillo; Pablo el ConejoVerde; Nano (Alejandro GuanacoNaranjo) and Pancho (Francisco Don Chivo Rojo) recorded the first Nebis Nak album in 2013, "Hecho a Mano", a record that, as its title indicates, was produced, recorded and edited in self-management, "handmade", regardless of excessive jargon: a clean, direct, free of sound arrangements that alter its essence.

Nebis Nak is more than a rock band with roots; It is a philosophy of life. Assume and assimilate with other proposals enthusiasm of creators and enjoy the music by applying brushstrokes to give them that particular nebisnakiano style. Their claims go beyond making good music and spreading the joy with which each of its members live this adventure create together.

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