Terms and conditions

This document will show you what you can do with the music that we have in this blog. There are five (5) golden rules:

1.- Every single release belongs to its own creator and publisher (read "netlabel" with this word). You can not publish any of this releases under your name, nickname or any kind of alias, even when every song is licensed by a Creative Commons license.

2.- You can not make any money with any of the albums under the CC-BY-NC-SA license unless you are its creator or publisher.

3.- You can not publish any comment or blog post in any possible way or form with the name of "Netlabel Day" unless you are part of the initiative, and even with this you have to ask for permission to Netlabel Day organizers.

4.- Every song present in this blog is absolutely free for every human being.

5.- Every participating netlabel have to publish all their work in any platform they want right after we release all the material in this blog. This does not includes other label's work except for splits or collaborations.

For more questions, suggestions and inquires: contact.netlabelday@gmail.com