Nación Libre Records

Nación Libre Records is a mexican punk netlabel and home studio created in 2007 by Alan Vargas and based in Chihuahua, MX. The project started as a punk online community and then mutated as a netlabel with the pass of the time because of the need of a platform to release music of Alan's first band, becoming the first punk netlabel on Mexico.

Sounds of the label pass through punk and other alternative genres like hardcore, metal, crust, grindcore, folk, ska, deathrock, etc.

Nación Libre is strongly influenced by the punk and anarchist movement and has a DIY ethic, recording local bands in their home studio, releasing hand-made physical editions of some albums and creating their own streaming service.

Also, Nación Libre Records organize shows on Chihuahua for the supporting of the local scene.

Active artists: Crise Total (Portugal), A Flor de Piel (Spain), Alan Révolte (Mexico), Acto de Venganza (Spain), American Standards (USA), Louis Lingg & The Bombs (France), Anti-Venöm (Mexico), Irmã Talitha (Brazil), Mollotov Attack (Brazil), Parusía (Spain), René García & LVA (Chile/Spain), Rotten (Mexico), Sans Libertas (Mexico), Wasones (Mexico).

Where can I find them?
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