Cajanegra Netlabel

Cajanegra Netlabel was born on 2014 thanks to Sebastián Castillo in Chile, who created this distribution platform of independent -and handcraft- releases. The netlabel has the Sebastian's personal project in its roster, plus projects from his friends and from other people who he has met since the year of its creation.

The philosophy behind this label is to contact directly with the artist who wants to publish something on Cajanegra with an "open doors" politics. Thanks to this, the netlabel isn't specialized in one specific genre, so you can find many different types of music in its catalog.

In these days, the label works in parallel with ACS (Amigos de la Contaminación Sonora, or Friends of the Noise Pollution) and Cieliro Diystro with the diffusion of the albums that they release and the mutual artistic collaboration.

Where can I find them?
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