Terranean Recordings

Terranean Recordings is a profitless digital label of Luke Lund from Finland. It was established in the latter half of June 2010, purposed to connect and release all Luke's projects in one place.

Terranean works as an output for Luke's spontaneous experiments and improvisations whereas Birthdeath (est. 2015) is a melting pot for written and more thought-out work under a different project name, for physical formats. Other artists quickly showed interest in being a part of the label, and Bartosz Szturgiewicz (aka Wound) joined in to co-manage, until he went to pursue sound design endeavours in 2013.

The doors are open to independent artists for help with mastering, artwork and distributing their work with no cost or monetary profit.

Where can I find them?
Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook