MuteAnt Sounds Netlabel

MuteAnt Sounds (USA) started out as a tape trading label in the mid 90s sending out tapes by two foot tall jerk, 0781KT, Dome from Jay Reeve's various NJ dwellings.

In the early 00s tapes made way to cdrs, photocopies turned into web sites.

It's 2012,Jay Reeve and Vinnie Paternostro are releasing various bands, projects and collaborations of their own and all their criminally obscure friends!

An exemplatory feat of what not to do in the music indusrty. Crowning the jokers as king and letting them run amuk as the masses eat acid and dance to the shamanic ceromonies of the pagan gods. An unadulterated altercation with reality and the confines of the constructs of what your thinker is feeding you as legit information.

Where can I find them?
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