Maquinaria Label

Maquinaria Industrial Fest was founded on 2003 by Sebastián Da Silva (Tecnoise) and Marcelo Fernández (Indertod), with the main mission of distribute musical genres as industrial, noise, power electronic, experimental and every conceptual artistic expression.

For those years, with a really small Argentine scene, Maquinaria presents themselves as mobile events in houses, parking lots, cultural centres, warehouses and other locations on the west side of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005 arrived with new proposals for the organization, with the possibility of move everything to Anexo Ferro, on the Caballito neighborhood on the Federal Capital.

There, Maquinaria Label sets itself as an industrial/noise event producer on Argentina. On that time also started live shows of Synchro Mode, Argentum, Dead Jump (Brazil), Suicide Solution and others. With them, there also visual artists as Walter Álvarez (painting and illustrations), Levtok An Drade (sculptures, illustrations and collages), Corrotion Decay (photographies), 69 Sing (fetish culture), etc.. All these elements were really attractive to their public, and it marked a very peculiar style in Maquinaria, trying to mixing content and quality.

Where can I find them?