Lluevenalces Netlabel

Lluevenalces is a brotherhood of art that began in 2014. In the need to create a stable group of related projects, Alvar Lázaro gathered 13 musicians, which develops, in parallel, video, painting, crafts and/or jewelry.

Musical projects involved are Hoja En Verde, Esmeralda Blanca, Yirsian, Élansson, Arrayanes, Rühu, Valentina Villarroel, Cristian Reinas, Holuigue, Joan Cornejo, Onofre Borneo, Hermano Kiltro, Anders Blickmann, Hope Epoh.

These projects are from different parts of Chile, plus members from Portugal (Anders Blickmann) and Greece (Hope Epoh). There different stuff that unites them, which has led to the creation of collective albums in the process, using concepts that rescue important art resources in Chile.

The first in to be republished will be "Vol.1 De La Poesía Y Otros Árboles", linking 5 members of the collective, involving recitations of poets like Bukowski, Collins, Sun Ra, Lienlaf and Huidobro in their own voices or in adaptations performed by the musicians.

Where can I find them?
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