Estampita Records

Estampita Records is a collective of musicians conformed in Montevideo during 2013 to cooperate in the access to the artistic production and press. It arises from the experience of Nikikinki Records (portal of independent bands) and friendship between the members of the group. Before the formation of "Estampita" the artists had organized a series of gigs / exhibitions in houses called Expo Bueno Regular", "Expo Bueno Muy Bueno", “Expo Sobresaliente etc., and several gigs in alternative places.

Since its inception Estampita Records has organized various concerts and has participated with other independent labels from successive record fairs and activities for the dissemination of alternative culture in general. In October 2013 the bands from Estampita recorded in a weekend, in a house, "Cosas de la Civilizacón", the first compilation of bands of the label; edit it digitally in December and physically in March 2014. Currently there have been new works of the artists, and prepare some more to be published soon. Estampita Records is a group of friends, a group of friends who likes to do things together and widens.

Estampita members are: Lusers, Julen y la Gente Sola, Nina, O'Neill, Los Mostachos, Mutara, La Nelson Olveira, Dry Penes, Viejos Trips, Comunismo Internacional, Gladys Bertulo, Amëba, The bug the fat and the don't know what y Jesús Eléctrico.

Where can I find them?
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