Chill Productions

Chill Productions was founded in 1994 in USA. Originally a part of the PC Tracker Music scene we started with a distinct difference: We would operate as a label and not the traditional scene group. As time changed so did Chill.

We were some of the first to release MP3 tracks and it was around that same time we evolved into a proper netlabel.

In 2013 we started also selling music in all of the major stores as well as being played on all of the major streaming services.

We are still committed to the netlabel mentality: Giving free music while at the same time selling our work.

We are currently scouting for artists to join Chill Productions. Please listen to our soundcloud and get a feel for our format. If you're interested in joining please send demo submissions to our Soundcloud group.

Where can I find them?
Web / Soundcloud / Equipboard