Back in 2006, blocSonic (USA) began as a simple idea to shine a much needed spotlight on quality music being released by the then burgeoning netlabel community. The way that founder Mike Gregoire chose to do so was via a compilation series called netBlocs. January 2007 saw the debut release of the series with netBloc Vol. 1: The Opening Salvo.

Since then, blocSonic has gone on to continue the netBloc series (which currently numbers at 47 volumes) and expand itself to be a netlabel in its own right. blocSonic’s original catalog is an eclectic one which boasts genres such as Rock, Pop, Indie, Country/Folk, Electronic and Hip-Hop. Two Rock N Roll Hall of Fame artists… DMC (of Run DMC) and Chuck D (of Public Enemy) have even made guest appearances on a couple releases.

As a netlabel, blocSonic’s raison d'être has always been to deliver infectious, high quality music and to do so in a professional manner. We deliver every release in multiple audio formats — FLAC, MP3 & OGG and provide high-quality album art in multiple formats along with an extensive PDF booklet. We believe that music fans should not be forced to listen to music in any particular format and they should be able to enjoy liner notes in a way that they can with physical releases. Although, we have quite a busy release schedule, we truly put quality above quantity.

The future is bright for blocSonic… we’ve just launched our new radio show, The blocSonic Hot List at Starfrosch Radio and in the coming months we’ll be launching our new mobile friendly website and put the final pieces in place for physical releases! As has always been the case, we’ll continue to release our music under a Creative Commons license.

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