Àrtico Netlabel

Àrtico is a netlabel for experimental music with its base in Madrid, Spain. The netlabel was founded back in 2011 by Jose Merinero. Àrtico likes to bet for free culture, research, experimentation and technology development, on both personal and artistic.

After many years in the electronic scene, the passion for music and especially by the growing netlabels movement; he decides to create Arctico and to be in direct contact with the different artists and projects in this exciting tupe of "broadcast mode".

All LP's releases are proposed as free & legal download, under Creative Commons licenses and that sharing is an essential tool of culture netlabel.

If you check their catalogue, you will find ambient, noise and electronic music, but musically, Àrtico have not limits within the Experimental Music bounderies.

Where can I find them?
Web / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter