AFA Sound Machine

Amalgamated Futureless Artists was thought up and set in motion during 2013 by Elías Fraguas, Alberto Rojas, and Ezekiel Hurtado, who in essence manage all this mess, with the aim of having fun and trying to give a voice to sensational creators, and receive the voice of admirable artists.

'A.F.A. Sound Machine' is our music label. It is constantly mutating, but the main idea is clear: make it different from everything else.

'A.F.A. presents…' is the sum of idle and talented people, united in compilations with a unique soul.

We do what we can, the best we can, when we feel like it. But the important thing is to add, and improve, and we are very sure of achieving that. See you on the networks, our beloved resources!

Where can I find them?
Web / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter / YouTube