IOVI is a solo artist musical project, electropunk, cyberpunk. It is based on reducing technologies and processes to the immediate presentation of text, lyrics, songs with a strong message of awareness and mobilization to recovery as the body like a contact device, binding and expression of elemental forces.

This arrangement results in a political and social position which would suggest a concrete, direct and spontaneous approach, the union for holding group circuits and all natural freedoms could be suppressed in the course of action patriarchal history.

Thus it seeks freedom and unity in the expression as a way to recover and feed the life force that mobilizes as continuous between all beings.

Technically the work is done in letters over electronic programmed sounds. Stressing the subversive potential of electronic music in its simplest forms.

Mobilizes a format that called PC Riot, which groups the gesture of making music with a lot of attitude and minimal resources, a computer, a simple machine, software and broadcast virtual environments and independent alternative music scenes content and to sexual, social and political freedom.

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