Cavern Brew Records

Cavern Brew Records is a netlabel founded in 2015 based in New Jersey, USA. The label focuses on releases of many genres that deconstruct, darken, and or advance pre existing music. the label aims to release content at a pace to make all artists involved comfortable. an artist can submit a record for release at any point with no time constrictions. the record is released with as little alterations as possible (baring needing to cut a track into two parts to fit file constraints). though the label follows specific tones, no two releases on the label really sound the same.

(*洞窟醸造レコードはあなたのハイパー将来の低忠実度のファンタジー理想的なシナリオを提供しています*) <3

Where can I find them?
Facebook / Bandcamp / Tumblr