Dave Dorgan - Such Is Our Condition (Subterranean Tide)

Artist: Dave Dorgan
Title: Such Is Our Condition
Label: Subterranean Tide

Artwork by Peter Nejedly

by a rocky shore,
winds blowing wildly,
in a boat unmoored--
such is our condition.

- Saigyo, 1118 - 1190

Saigyo: Poems of a Mountain Home, p. 137
Translated by Burton Watson
Source www.gardendigest.com

The artist, Dave Dorgan described it as:

"It sounds a bit dark, but it is really about understanding the role of the ego. Saigyo was a Zen poet this ties in with the Buddha's explanation of suffering. In general, the songs are about the struggle between the turbulent (little i) and the calm mind (big I), and sometimes at least seeing clearly enough to find a middle ground."