Olecram Amazed

The story of Olecram Amazed has been present since the members came to this world, however in terms of make this understandable and summarized, a great start would be as Marcelo was playing in several bands since years. In one of those bands, he knew Alan who is actually one of his best music partner.

After that, following the natural life’s path, Marcelo knew Sergio who first was a friend of Alan and who also was very surprised by a Marcelo’s demo, later on called To You (track 09, Abhaya Mudra). For that reason, due to similar musical taste and musical connection between them, their lives were guided to play together.

A couple of months after, Marcelo recorded an LP called Abhaya Mudra, the first Olecram Amazed’s album, taking advantage of the summer holidays. This album was digitally released in 16th March, 2014 and in 15th November, 2014 was played entirely live with the full band in which two more members were added. They were Francisco Obreque and Sebastián Lopez.

These guys, friends since the school years, came to the band by different reasons. Francisco in one hand, came through Sergio by reasons of a bassist needed in the band and Sebastián, on the other hand, came through Francisco in order to take the drums.

Nowadays, Olecram Amazed has another album released called Valentina (EP) and they are trying to look new ways of being heard by the world; moreover, keep doing music just because.

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